How to Help Victims of Abuse

  1. Believe them. Validate their feelings.

  2. Let them know they are not to blame for the abuse..

  3. Take the time to talk with them privately when they are ready.

  4.  Help them make a safe plan that includes their children, documents, money, and a packed suitcase.

  5. Help them find information about a safe place to stay.

  6. Give them information about local resources.

  7. Have a code word they can use so you know to call the police.

  8. Love and support them whether they choose to leave or stay.

National Resources

Child Abuse Hotline                                          800-422-4453

Domestic Violence Hotline                               800-799-7233

Elder Care Locator      

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Will Country Resources

Crisis Line of Will County:

           Bolingbrook                                            630-759-4555
           Joliet                                                        815-722-3344

Bridges to a New Day  

Child Advocacy Center                                     815-727-0710

Childhood Trauma Treatment Program           800-216-1110

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)  815-730-7072

Groundwork Domestic Violence Program:
           24—Hour Hotline                                    815-729-1228

Senior Service Center                                       815-723-9713

Sexual Assault Service Center:
           24—Hour Hotline                                    815-730-8984

DuPage County Resources

Family  Shelter Service:
           24—Hour Hotline                                    630-469-5650

YMCA Patterson and McDaniel Family Center:
           24—Hour Hotline                                    630-971-3927

Abuser Resources

Hope for Non—Violence                                   815-726-7964

Will County Health Department