Examples of Abuse:
Physical Abuse

· Pushing, shoving, kicking you; holding you down

· Throwing objects at you

· Biting, stabbing, burning, or choking you

· Threatening or hurting you with a weapon

Sexual Abuse
· Forcing you to engage in sexual acts that make you feel uncomfortable

· Seeing you as property or a sex object rather than a person

· Forcing you to dress a certain way

· Forcing you to engage in sexual acts with others

Emotional Abuse
· Verbally abusing, belittling, or humiliating you in front of friends, family, colleagues, or on social media sites

· Ignoring or putting down your opinions or accomplishments

· Treating you so badly you are embarrassed and avoid family or friends

· Criticizing your thoughts, actions, and abilities to undermine your belief in yourself

· Being possessive, acting jealous, or harassing you with accusations of being unfaithful

· Taking away your car keys, phone, mediation, or money

· Trying to control where you go and what you do

· Keeping you from seeing family or friends

Intimidation and Threats
· Frightening you with looks, gestures, or actions

· Threatening to make false allegations about you to friends, employer, or police

· Displaying weapons during an argument

· Threatening to leave you or commit suicide

Using the Children
· Calling you a bad parent

· Using the children to make you feel guilty

· Threatening to hurt, kidnap, or kill the children

· Using the children as pawns in the relationship

· Involving the children in spying or reporting on you

People with Disabilities Abuse
· Misusing finances or exploitation of funds

· Isolating them form other people or activities

· Minimizing their capabilities

· Destroying or disabling their equipment

· Manipulating or withholding medication

· Refusing to provide essential personal assistance

Cyber Stalking and Cyber Bullying
· Sharing photos or personal information against your wishes

· Reading your email or text messages without  your consent

· Cyber—attacks, intimidation, and unwanted sexting

· Obsessively calling, texting, or emailing

 Bullying or Harassing Behavior
· Physical conduct ranging from uninvited touching, patting, pinching, or pushing

· Saying lewd comments or making unwelcome sexual advances

· Making demeaning comments about a person’s appearance

· Spreading malicious rumors or gossip

· Using obscene gestures, leering, or whistling

· Telling unwelcome jokes, using abusive language, or making comments  about a person’s age, race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation